We have over 25 years’ experience in the diamond industry in Israel – covering all areas of expertise, including manufacture and polishing, sorting, local and international marketing, purchasing and sales in markets throughout the world.

But you are not interested in all that.

All you want to know is that we can look after you and give you the diamond engagement ring you want, with the minimum of drama.  Right?

What We Do:

Our office is located inside the Diamond Exchange in Ramat Gan, giving us direct access to the best sources of diamond and jewelry manufacturers.

  • Diamond engagement rings
  • Wedding bands for Women and Men
  • Earrings
  • Tennis bracelets

All in a range of budgets, sizes, settings – with Diamonds and side stones in the full range of colors, purities, shapes, including Fancy colors.

Traps When Comparing Prices:

When comparing prices, especially from different vendors, there are 2 important things that must be considered in order to be comfortable that you are actually comparing like with like diamonds:



In brief, these 2 factors can make an enormous difference to the price, with just subtle differences between “comparable” diamonds.

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