Before we get lost in all the details on diamonds, rings, sizes, prices, shapes, cuts, 4C’s, 5C’s… ( confused yet? ), Dadook wants to make the whole process as simple and painless as possible.

Keeping it simple, we will tell you a few things that other people may not tell you.

Price comparison.

The most common thing we hear from clients is that “I was offered the same thing, for a lower price at ***** shop”.
Unless the comparison is made between like and like – this is as accurate as comparing the price of a super-luxury car with the price of a mini-compact car.  Both can be good and give you what you need from the car,  BUT  THEY  ARE  NOT  THE  SAME!

The 2 main factors that can affect the price of a diamond are:

CUT                     ( also known as MAKE )
CERTIFICATE       ( not all certificates are the same )

Taking into account all the variables, you can have a price differential of 50% on what seems to be the same diamond.

We are not saying which is better, or which you should buy – that depends on your budget, and what you are looking for – just be aware of what is out there!

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